It is our top priority to offer you the best value for money.

Since prices in the private charter business are influenced by many factors, it is not possible to publish standard prices. What is important for us is to provide you with a safe aircraft. You can determine the price range yourself depending on your comfort requirements.

How is the price calculated?

Step 1

You contact us and inform us about your requests and requirements.

Step 2

Based on your needs we will elicit the ideal and safest aircraft out of nearly 5000 aircraft worldwide and then negotiate the most lucrative price with the help of our three models.

Model 1: Search for empty legs

In a first step we will check for a suitable empty leg offer that matches your inquiry. Since these flights occur anyway, big discounts on the original price may be possible.

Model 2: Search for empty legs that can be diverted

In case there is no empty leg that suits your exact needs, we will gladly check for you whether another empty leg can be diverted. Despite the modified diversion, discounts on the original price often occur.

Model 3: Negotiation with different suppliers

If no empty leg can be used, we will find you the most appropriate aircraft out of nearly 5000 aircraft worldwide and negotiate the best price.

Step 3

We present you the best options in a cost plan that we have created based on your individual requests.

If you want to learn more about our cost plans, we will gladly advise you.

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