Exclusive Travels

Book an exclusive experience including outward and homeward flight in a private jet.

Our section about exclusive travels is currently under construction. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a glimpse into the exclusive experiences that await you in the future.


Magical Northern Lights

Join us on a trip full of adventure and magical moments and experience the uniqueness of Norway first-hand. Enjoy an unforgettable time on a husky sled ride through snowy landscapes and relax by the fireplace with typically Norwegian stick bread afterwards, before indulging in the magic of the northern lights at night.


Wine tasting in Burgundy

„La vie est belle“ – French people love life and are always proud of their culture and rich history. Follow in the footsteps of famous castles in beautiful Burgundy before experiencing the lifestyle of the Grande Nation during a wine tasting.

The Mediterranean Sea

The most beautiful islands in Europe

Enjoy the peace at sea and feel completely at ease. Sardinia, Menorca and Milos are among the most beautiful islands in Europe. Dive into the crystal clear water of the bays and unwind on your private sailing yacht.


Truffles in Piedmont

Embark on an exciting journey with a truffle dog into the forests of Piedmont and get to know the versatile world of truffles. Afterwards, you can experience the traditional preparation of your self-found truffle and enjoy the outstanding taste of the “white gold”.

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